Our Church

Welcome to the Mt. Olive Ev. Lutheran Church web site.  If you are browsing, or looking specifically for information about Mt. Olive, we hope this website provides you with helpful information.

We are a conservative Lutheran Church which believes that the Bible is true in all that it says.  We believe that it is God's intended guide for our faith and life as Christians, and its main message is to tell us about the good news that God sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to save us from our sins.  We believe that because of what Jesus Christ has done to fulfill all the Law of God perfectly for us, and to suffer the punishment for sin on behalf of all the world, God has declared the whole world to be righteous in His sight.  There is complete forgiveness for all our sins and God's promise of eternal life in heaven to all who believe this.  We are saved by faith alone.

We also believe that this good news will change a person's life when he is led to trust Jesus as His Savior.  We will have a thankful heart that loves God and wants to live as His child in the world.  Though we still sin, we will turn from our sins in repentance and strive to do God's will as the Holy Spirit working through God's Word will guide us.  As God works within us we will love and serve our fellow man as He has loved and served us.

We also would want you to know that as a Lutheran Church we believe unity in the teachings of our faith is important.  God does not want us to let divisions come among us because of differing teachings.  Rather, we believe that He directs us to hold to all the teachings of God's Word as important and in this way maintain unity of teaching and practice in our fellowship.  We consider this to be a great blessing to our fellowship of faith and God's way for churches to have fellowship together.

If you would like to know more about what we believe as a church, you are invited to view the WELS Beliefs page, on our Synod's official website, www.wels.net.